Solar Panels

Solar Panels Division

With the rapidly changing environment and the shift toward renewable and sustainable energy supply, AC Electrical has launched a solar panels installation division to help our customers achieve their carbon reduction targets and save money on their energy bills.

We offer a full solution for solar panels, which incorporates design, project management, installation and maintenance.

Commercial & Domestic Installations

AC Electrical Services (NW) Ltd offer solar PV installations on both commercial and domestic properties throughout the United Kingdom. We take your project from end to end, from the initial design to installation and maintenance of your new solar panels.

Benefits of Solar Panels

The installation of solar panels to your home or business can protect you against rising energy costs. You can reduce your bills and sell extra energy back to the grid. Energy prices are rising at a rate of 7% a year. Solar panel prices are at an all time low. So, now is the time to install solar panels!


In April 2022, the Chancellor made an announcement, that domestic energy efficient system installations, including solar panels will no longer be subject to VAT.

Solar panels can help reduce your energy bills by up to 70%. As part of our Solar Panels Design and Quotation process we will produce a return-on-investment document to demonstrate annual energy savings.

If you’re a home or business you can use the Energy Saving Trust’s Energy Calculator to get an idea of what your savings may be.

Production Forecast

Production Forecast
PV Generator Output 10.01 kWp
Spec. Annual Yield 1,007.98 kWh/kWp
Performance Ratio (PR) 91.09%
Yield Reduction due to Shading 0.0 %/Year
PV Generator Energy (AC grid) 10,119 kWh/Year
– Direct Own Use 8,047 kWh/Year
– Battery Charge 1,390 kWh/Year
– Down-regulation at Feed-in Point 0 kWh/Year
– Grid Feed-in 683 kWh/Year
Own Power Consumption 93.2 %
CO2 Emissions avoided 4,672 kg / year
Level of Self-sufficiency 28.7 %

Results Total System

Cash flow

Solar Export Guarantee (SEG)

SEG is the new way to be paid for your power. Surplus energy generated from your panels will be put onto the grid Energy Companies will pay for each unit of power you export to the grid.

More information on the Solar Export Guarantee can be found here.

If you would like to chat to one of our Solar Panel experts, please phone us or contact us here.

Battery Storage Systems

Battery Storage Systems allow the storage of electricity you produce from your solar panels, if you generate more than you are using.

For example, if you are not home much throughout the day, your panels will generate and surplus energy will be stored in your battery system. The energy you use at night-time will come from your battery storage, thus, reducing your energy spend!

Agile battery systems allow you to buy electricity from the grid at off-peak hours and sell it back to the grid during peak hours.

Commercial Solar Panels

DNO Application

Before the installation of your commercial solar panels, we as your installer, have to submit an application to your Distribution Network Operator (DNO). This is to assess whether the grid local to you can handle the extra load of electricity you will be generating from your solar panels. This application can take up to 8 weeks.

Supply Characteristics

The majority of commercial and industrial premisses will be working off three phase power. Three-phase has a greater capacity to carry higher loads than a single phase supply. However, some commercial and industrial premisses will have additional single phase boards. Our engineers will identify your supply and incorporate it into our designs.

Our Solar Panels Service

Site Survey

Following your initial enquiry, we will attend your property (domestic or commercial), to carry out an initial survey.


We will arrange with you an installation date and issue a programme of works. our engineers will complete the install within the timeframe agreed with you.

Solar Panel Array Design

We will produce a full design for the installation of your solar panels. If applicable, we’ll need your current electricity cost per KWH, this will help us in identifying your return on investment.


Your new solar panels will come with a 25-year manufacturers guarantee. We offer maintenance options for both domestic and commercial solar panels.

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